KVD’s Lolita Lip Duo: A Review

I’m back! Hooray! Since I’ve been gone I’ve moved back to Texas from California and started working on the game full time. I run a game design studio now, which is pretty baller. But every day I put on my makeup, look in the mirror and think, “what about my fans?” I haven’t forgotten about you! I’m here!

I picked a great time to pick the blog back up, because the makeup lovers of the world have been united over one thing this week — the release of the limited edition Lolita Lip Duo from Kat Von D. For the uninitiated, Lolita is a shade of KVD’s Liquid Lipstick that is never in stock. It’s almost like it doesn’t exist. It was an idea. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish… it was so fragile. (I watched Gladiator yesterday)

Lolita has gone through a few iterations and you’ll hear the grizzled old makeup pros talk about the Lolita of their day. “It was perfect! More pink!” they’ll say through gritted teeth, clutching the newer, more brown-toned Lolita in their hands. And it’s true. The old batch (that I never owned) was a pinky brown that people obsessed over. A restock and reformulation resulted in a liquid lipstick that was the same name, but a different shade. We’ll never get the old shade back and some people have a hard time with that. Some people prefer the more brown-toned version. In fact, lots of people love it, because it’s never fucking in stock.

Rather than restock, KVD decided to do one better. She released a limited edition set that included a mini of Lolita and a mini of the not-yet-released Lolita II. Cue squealing and refreshing of the Sephora homepage.

KVD Lolita Duo 1

I, of course, grabbed it as soon as it went on sale. It’s already gone, but both shades are part of the permanent line so it’s worth telling y’all about. Let’s break it down.


KVD Lolita KVD Lolita II

KVD Liquid Lipstick in “Lolita”: Let me be up front. I don’t like Lolita on me. That last bit is hella important, because it looks amazing on pretty much everybody. I’ve worn it before and people have told me it looks great. It really is me who doesn’t like it on me. I gave mine away to a friend, and she told me it was the best lipstick she’s ever worn. And I believe her. Like I mentioned above, it’s a classic. It’s always sold out. My issue isn’t that it’s too brown. It’s that the brown is too cool-toned for me. It almost pulls gray, which I know is hot these days, but it’s a trend I’ve never personally gotten behind. With cool-toned browns there’s a very fine line between on-trend gray and poopy diaper. This doesn’t give me full diaper mouth, but it gets close enough that I don’t love it the way everybody else does. That being said, zillions of people can’t be wrong. I say go into a Sephora and swatch it for yourself. Then cry when you see it’s sold out in stores and online.

KVD Liquid Lipstick in “Lolita II”: Holy shit. This is the most perfect lipstick I’ve ever worn. I have worn nothing but this since I got it in the mail. I’m obsessed. Lolita II is a stunning terra-cotta/pink shade that looks natural and bold at the same time. It makes me feel sexy when I’m dressed down and relaxed when I’m dressed up. I cannot recommend this one enough. I will buy this shit in bulk. But who knows when I can do that, because there’s been no official release date announced for Lolita II. Right now, the only way to get it is by buying this duo, which you can’t do. But y’all need this. Bury me with this lipstick.


As I’m writing this (the night of October 29th) Lolita has been restocked on the Sephora site and is still available. You can grab it here. As soon as I hear about a date for Lolita II, I’ll post about it on my facebook page! Please don’t buy it until I’ve secured a dozen for myself.

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