I Wear…Eyeshadow? Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette Review

The kind people at Kat Von D Beauty/Sephora were amazing enough to send me the new Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette and the Shade + Light Eye Contour Brush, so I could try it out and tell you lovely folks all about it! (Sorry for the potato quality. My good camera was dead and I was in a rush to get this posted.)

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I know this is a lipstick blog, but I’m not gonna ignore goodies! Plus, what good is a bold lip without a killer nude eye?!

The palette is comprised of 12 different eye shadows that are divided into 3 separate color categories: neutral, warm, and cool. Each category has a base shade, a contour shade, a define shade, and a highlight shade. It comes with a handy guide that walks you through different looks. It is all incredibly straightforward and user friendly.

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I tried out two different looks using only the palette as well as the brush that goes with it. Fair warning: I’m not great at eye shadow and I’m even worse at photographing it.


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This look came from a tutorial I found on YouTube. Yes, I needed to watch a tutorial to achieve this sort of look. This is why I have a lipstick blog!

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This time I freestyled. The last look used too many eye shadows for my taste so I wanted something more simple. I only used 3 shadows: “Solas” on lid, “Samael” in crease and on lower lash line, and “Lucius” as a brow bone highlight. I know it looks like a muddled mess in the picture but I swear it looked amazing in person!


So what do I think? I love it! And I can honestly say it has replaced my Naked 1 palette and my Smashbox Full Exposure palette. The best thing it has going for it (for me) is it is entirely matte. Not a single shimmer shade! And I LOVE that. Shimmery shades go untouched in my palettes and it always feels like such a waste. The eye shadows in this palette are very creamy and easy to blend. The color pay off is pretty great as well. I’m super happy with this one.

The brush is really nice and it complements my current brush collection quite nicely. The pencil end of the brush is incredible. I like it better than my MAC 219 pencil brush! I use it to set my liquid liner (by dabbing shadow over it) or to do a soft, smoked out wing. The “light” side of the brush is also great for blending. I don’t use it to apply the shadow. Rather, I use it to soften the edges. It works amazing for that!

There are only a few complaints I have with the whole thing. With the palette, I wish there was a gray shade. I get that the purpose of the palette is to contour the eye, so a gray doesn’t really fit that purpose. I found myself scanning the shades for a gray on more than one occasion. The other problem is that the brush is sold separately. It’s a great brush, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t really know if it’s $29 good. Again, this might just be personal preference. It’s certainly way better than the brushes that come with other palettes (looking at you Naked palettes!). If you already have a good set of brushes then you can probably skip this one.


You can buy the palette here and the brush here! Enjoy!


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One thought on “I Wear…Eyeshadow? Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette Review

  1. This palette looks really good – I’m not the best at eyeshadow either but it seems really user friendly! I really like how all the shades are matte too 🙂

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