Second round of Too Faced Melted Lipsticks: A Review

After the success of their initial Melted Lipstick line, Too Faced released a second round of shades. Same formula, 8 new colors. I previously reviewed 4 shades from the original launch (conveniently packaged in a gift set) so you can read all about that here. I won’t go too much into formula on this post, since I already covered it there. So let’s break down the swatches!


Too Faced Melted Chihuahua Too Faced Jelly Donut Too Faced Melted Velvet

1.) Melted Chihuahua – If you find the idea of a liquified chihuahua smeared on your face appealing, you’ll love this! Just kidding, the name is the only bad part of this one. The color is a slightly deep pinky nude, and it’s pretty great. It’s a bit darker than Melted Nude, and definitely more pink. Similar to that shade, it was also the most drying of the ones I tried. I really recommend using a nude liner, or even a concealer, to bring down the natural color of your lips. Since you don’t get a crisp line with these, my natural lip color shows through on the edges and can ruin the look. Buy it here or here!

2.) Jelly Donut – Uh, combo breaker with that name! Why not just Melted Jelly? Or Melted Jelly Donut? Also, this isn’t really the color I think of when I think of jelly. A jelly donut is more purple, right? Anyways, this color is very pretty. A basic, bright pink with a slight purple lean. I actually ended up returning it because the color was a little too basic (which is why it’s not in the thumbnail). It’s slightly darker than Melted Fuchsia, slightly lighter than Melted Berry, and I just didn’t feel the need to own all 3. If you don’t already own a shade like this, it’s a great product! Buy it here or here!

3.) Melted Velvet – Mm, lovely. This one wasn’t as dark as I’d hoped it would be. The promotional materials in store made it look slightly more vampy. But I’m still happy with the end product. It’s just dark enough to be taken seriously, but not so dark that it sits outside of most peoples’ comfort level. It’s not terribly different from a few reds I already own, but I rarely if ever return a red based on shade alone. You can never have too many red lipsticks. That’s just a fact of life. Buy it here or here!


Again, you can check the old post for my thoughts on the formula. None of my opinions on that have changed, so give it a look if you don’t remember! Too Faced has released a 3rd round of Melted Lipsticks, Melted Metal, but I’m not sure how many of those I’ll be trying (if I try any at all). The metallic look is definitely not my thing. But you never know! Stay tuuuuned!

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