A Tale of Two Lipsticks: New vs Old Bite LLLR Lipstick in 001

I was not alone in my disappointment over the first of Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab Limited Release Lipsticks. The reviews at launch were abysmal, garnering no more than 2 stars on Sephora before the day was out.  Bite Beauty regrouped and pushed a revamped formula for their next shade (002). It was way better! The internet let out a collective sigh of relief! But, Bite went a step further. If you purchased 001, they would send you a re-formulated version of the shade (keeping in line with 002). And it was free! I was out to dinner and I got an email from Sephora saying it was on the way!

2015-02-20 19.37.19So, I patiently waited for the new lipstick to arrive. A part of me was excited. It was a free lipstick after all. And Bite Beauty really did a great thing by owning up to their mistakes and offering this. But it wasn’t that thrilling. It was giving me something I should have already had in the first place. You can only get so excited about being proven right. A few days later, it showed up at my door step and I was ready to check it out.


2015-02-26 13.02.07-2Packaging wise, the new one is completely indistinguishable from the old one. The only way to tell them apart is to actually try the lipsticks, so you should probably mark one and save yourself some trouble.

Formula wise, yup, it’s the new one! Honestly, the least exciting discovery ever. A quick swipe, a shrug of the shoulders, and that was that. The better formula means it’s slightly more pigmented so that’s always good.

Bite LE 001-2It looks better, but the real importance is that it feels better. It’s not overly greasy or slippery and there are no issues with streaks in the color.

PicMonkey CollageLeft is old, right is new. It really is hard to tell the difference in pictures. The new one is, again, slightly more pigmented. So it has a darker look. It’s still very much a creamy lipstick. And it still has the same amount of shine.

This new 001 won’t be available to purchase. It was only available to those who ordered the old one, and that sold out within hours back in January. You can always check around /r/makeupexchange to see if anybody is selling/trading it! There is one dupe I can think of but….

PicMonkey Collage2Left is the new 001, right is Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in “Scarlet.” That one was sold as part of Bite Beauty’s holiday Mix n’ Mingle set. The reason I’m hesitant to bring it up is because that was also limited edition, and no longer available. But it is an exact dupe. Not just color wise, but formula and feel wise. It makes me a little suspicious…


All in all, good on Bite Beauty for doing this! I’m definitely pleased!

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