NYX Haul pt.2: High Voltage Lipsticks

These High Voltage Lipsticks are one of NYX’s newer offerings. NYX describes them as “high voltage” and that’s pretty much all they have to say on the matter. Succinct.

NYX High Voltage Lipstick Product 1Right off the bat, I took issue with the shape. Not quite a pencil, not quite a lipstick, this fits awkwardly somewhere in the middle. It’s like applying your lipstick with a pencil eraser. The formula is incredibly creamy, almost to a fault. Add that to the unusually small surface area, and you’ve got a really weird product. Because the lipstick is so small, I found myself needing to constantly go back and forth to make sure my lips were filled. So I was putting creamy lipstick over creamy lipstick, again and again. It was a recipe for disaster that, amazingly, wasn’t all bad! I would definitely recommend pairing these with a lip liner (either color or clear) to keep the edges from bleeding.

Only one of the five I picked up was straight-up terrible. Absolutely none of them last very long. Prepare for the lipstick to get all over every cup, fork, straw, person, cat your lips come into contact with. And they didn’t even leave much of a stain. Which is…weird. But the good news is that they wipe off incredibly easy.

Let’s break it down!


NYX High Voltage Flutter KissNYX High Voltage Lipstick in “Flutter Kiss”: Not my favorite, but not the worst. Flutter Kiss is your average pinky nude. The creamy formula didn’t seem to be great for a soft color like this. It made my lips look sort of goopy. When it comes to shades like this, I’ll usually reach for a lighter or more matte formula. But, it wasn’t terrible. I could see myself getting used to this one and incorporating it more into my usual rotation.

NYX High Voltage HollywoodNYX High Voltage Lipstick in “Hollywood”: This was one of the best out of the whole bunch. A beautifully bright, cherry red that lives up to the Hollywood name. The formula wasn’t overly creamy here. Instead, I found it very similar to the Bite Beauty Luminous Lip Cremes. It wasn’t overly slippery or shiny. I’m definitely glad I picked this one up. I’m always down to rock a great red. In the swatch, I used a little MAC Lip Liner in “Cherry” to clean up the edges.

NYX High Voltage BurlesqueNYX High Voltage Lipstick in “Burlesque”: Another good one! Burlesque is a very nice, deep red. It is more on the creamy/shiny side (especially when compared to Hollywood) but I still didn’t find it to be overly slippery. I’d say it’s a great red for the price and I’ll definitely be using more of it.

NYX High Voltage Wine and DineNYX High Voltage Lipstick in “Wine & Dine”: This one is my absolute favorite. The color is so incredibly beautiful. Something about it just makes it stand out. The website shows it as your traditional burgundy, but what you get is something much better. Wine & Dine is a beautifully deep purple with red tones, and I can’t get enough of it. Again, the formula was a bit on the creamier side, but I’m willing to overlook it here.

NYX High Voltage Black DahliaNYX High Voltage Lipstick in “Dahlia”: What…the fuck…is this? Every once in awhile I put on a lipstick so bad that I have to laugh. I just stare at myself in the mirror and wonder what the hell is going on with my face. “Why me?” I ask. I did this for you, faithful reader. So that you don’t have to. I’ve written before about how NYX is a low-end brand that isn’t afraid to go dark. And results definitely vary. This is one of the bad results. The formula was so incredibly slippery and the the color was a purple tinged black that made absolutely no sense. The color would be great for a more matte formula, but this just isn’t that. After this swatch, I took the lipstick out back and shot it.


Despite the ups and downs, this line has my interest. There are about 4 more colors I want to try. Because the results are so varied, I don’t think I can give the entire line a definitive yes or no. As of now, I’ll settle on a “why not.” They’re cheap enough that if you get a winner (like the ones I loved above) you’ll feel like you hit the jackpot. And if you get a dud (like Dahlia), well, you’re only $6 down. Check out the whole line here or here!


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4 thoughts on “NYX Haul pt.2: High Voltage Lipsticks

  1. I got Hollywood and love it too! I wore it out to the symphony (omg i feel so classy) but knew I’d be eating fast food right before we got there (there went my class) so I did my full face and applied Hollywood in the car. It was SO creamy I immediately slipped right off my lip and ended up involuntarily having to overdraw. Fortunately its dark enough I didn’t look completely ridiculous, but that’s not really how I envisioned wearing my first ever overdrawn lip.

    1. How creamy is creamy? Like, can you taste it ? I hate that. Is it like gloopy and gross-feeling (sorry about the specifics – just super curious as I want to try but I’m not so sure I wanna make the plunge)?

      1. It doesn’t have a taste, nor does it coat your tongue when you lick your lips. The terrible ones (Dahlia and to a lesser degree, Flutter Kiss) do feel gloopy and slippery. The great ones (especially Hollywood) don’t feel bad at all.

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