Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick in “Black Rose”: A Sneak Peek & Review!

One of my aunts pointed me to a makeup picture and wanted to know what lipstick was being used. Since it’s the internet, there was of course no source or mention of products. After some digging and instagram hunting I found out about Dose of Colors new liquid matte lipstick in a color called “Black Rose.”

It’s photoshopped to all hell, but I was still intrigued. It isn’t officially out until the end of March. BUT it was available at IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show) Los Angeles, and lucky me had a woman on the inside. My dearest friend Anna is, and this is fact, the greatest make-up/FX artist that has ever walked the earth. Not just because of her talent and work ethic, but also because she totally snagged me that liquid lipstick so I didn’t have to wait till March like the rest of the normies.

Dose Black Rose Product 1 Dose Black Rose Product 2

I tested it out over the weekend while I was in Texas, then tested it again when I got back to California. I’m thorough! Before I get to my findings, let me say that this is the first product from Dose of Colors that I’ve tried. So everything is new to me. Here’s what I think:


DOSE Black Rose

There is one odd thing about this product that I want to touch on immediately, since I think some of the issues I have with it can be traced back to this one thing. The doe foot is strangely shaped. I drew this handy comparison for y’all.

I don’t mean to brag, but I did that myself in MS Paint. The left is a regular doe foot applicator, the right is the applicator from “Black Rose.” As you can see, it dips in the middle. I’m assuming it’s meant to hug the curvature of the lips (which it does). But, the problem with the shape is that excess product pools in the dip and makes application tricky. I had a hard time getting the color to look even. That ended up being a huge downside. It looked patchy, with dark streaks and light streaks.

Another major downside was the wear time. With minimal eating/drinking it was only a couple of hours. Worse still was how it wore down. It feathered and peeled off my lips, leaving dark and light splotches. I really wasn’t happy about that. It also never felt completely dry. It had a light stickiness to it that made the peeling worse.

A few positives: the color is gorgeous. One of the few products promoted as a “black rose” that actually has black undertones. This product gets deliciously dark! But when the light hits it the red shows through beautifully. You can see in the swatch how the color changes depending on the lighting (my upper lip was shaded a bit). The formula straight out of the tube is also nice. Not overly watery like the Lime Crime Velvetines.


I’m on the fence with this one. The color is gorgeous enough that I want to figure out a way to make the application work. I think I’d sooner reach for another brand over this one though. If you’re already a fan of Dose of Colors and their liquid matte line, keep your eyes peeled for this one! If you’re a fan of my facebook page (which you totally should be!) I’ll post when it goes on sale.

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4 thoughts on “Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick in “Black Rose”: A Sneak Peek & Review!

  1. I must have it! And I must wait until March. Just like the other chumps. I hope the color lives up to the hype in my mind. Can this be used as eyeliner also?

    1. I would assume so, considering it was shown in action. It’s always a bigger worry using eye products on lips. A lot of people incorrectly assume that if something is safe for eyes it’s safe for lips, but that’s totally not the case. This would totally work as a liner I’d say.

      Come March, let me know how you like it. I think the Lime Crime Velvetines are a bit better.

  2. I’m looking for a deep aubergine, vamp lip look. Do you have any recommendations? I saw your Liv post but thought you might have a few others you might recommend. Thanks!

    1. That’s a tricky one, since most low-end vamp shades lean more traditional red than the eggplant you get in Liv. For super cheap, I’d check out the NYX Simply Vamp line. I had a rough time with them, but NYX can be really finicky so you might have a different experience. One step up price wise, I’d definitely check out MAC. Tons of shades and their lipsticks are $16. Try the color “Cyber” and see how you like it!

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