Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in “Vintage”: A Review

I got the drop on these a week or so before launch from Anastasia’s Instagram. Although the brand has a variety of products, Anastasia is mostly synonymous with eyebrows. I, like many others, swear by my dipbrow pomade. But I haven’t tried anything else. So, when I saw there was going to be a liquid lipstick line I was all over it.

My initial reaction was to buy all the colors. Just all of them. Every single one. But my rational side won and I decided to buy one, just to test the formula. If the formula was great then I could grab some more.

ABH Liquid Lipstick Vintage Product 1 ABH Liquid Lipstick Vintage Product 2

Let me tell you, the formula is GREAT. Like, crazy great.

The first thing I noticed is it’s nice and creamy. I feel like with liquid lipsticks, specifically Lime Crime, the product is thin and watery when it’s first applied. This can cause a lot of issues with uneven color. You have to have a very quick and steady hand. But with this it was amazing. The thicker formula allowed me to spread the color around evenly and take my time with it. And even with that, it still dried quickly. It can be a bit tricky to get a crisp and even line with the doe foot applicator, but nothing a liner or a steadier hand can’t accomplish.

ABH Liquid Lipstick Vintage

It dried to a beautifully matte finish. Like with other liquid lipsticks it can look a bit dry on the lips, but you need to get up really close to notice. And it doesn’t feel dry. It wears very comfortably. The color was absolutely stunning. I actually hate the color purple but I’m in love with this shade. It’s so vibrant and pretty! The wear time was a solid 5-6 hours with minimal eating and drinking. After that is starts to peel and fade. Make sure to really exfoliate your lips before application so you can get the most wear time (and the best look) out of it.

This review is short and sweet! I love it! Can’t wait to try more shades!

Buy it (and check out the rest of the line) here or here for $20!

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