Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Trio: A Review

Quick disclaimer: By the time this gets posted I doubt I’ll still own these lipsticks. I wasn’t pleased. Obviously I’ll get into that. I just felt the need to say so up front.

Bite Beauty is incredibly hit or miss with me. I have a bad habit of forgetting which of their products I like and which I don’t. I really love their Matte Lip Crayons and even their High Pigment Pencils. Their Luminous Creme Lipsticks can be iffy. It depends on the shade. I was super excited to try these out. It was 3 full-sized lipsticks for $35 and that seemed like a sweet deal. Unfortunately, they were a miss. These lipsticks seem to be a different product entirely and I think the formula is awful.

The Bite Beauty blog posted about these and gave a pretty detailed description of what the lipsticks were all about. They said:

“These moisture-rich shades are infused with the powerful and potent distilled essential oil, Rose Otto. The highly concentrated ingredient offers a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants perfect for a deliciously rose scented lip.”

I think that right there was their problem. The “moisture-rich” formula was incredibly slippery. It felt like it was melting on my face. It went beyond creamy and straight into oily territory. To make matters worse, that made the pigmentation awful. On all but one, the color was streaky and sheer. There were light patches and dark patches and none of it looked good. I was tempted to keep building up the color but the oily formula made that damn near impossible. And that delicious rose scent? Goodness. It was so strong I couldn’t believe it. To be fair, I’m the kind of person who will always grab the unscented option at the store. But I feel like, even if you’re a fan of rosy smells, this was way too much. It was straight up perfume-y. I had to keep looking over my shoulder to see if I was being followed by an old lady.

Bite Deconstructed Rose Product 3 Bite Deconstructed Rose Product 1 Bite Deconstructed Rose Product 2

I’ll break it down with swatches and get a bit more into it.


Bite Grandifolia Bite Damask Bite Centifolia

1). “Grandifolia”: This one was actually great. Almost good enough that I thought about keeping the set. In the end, I felt like it looked close enough to other reds (specifically “Poppy” from Bite Beauty) that I didn’t see returning it as a huge loss. It didn’t have any of the sheer/patchy issues. Just the strong scent. I’ll miss you, Grandifolia!

2.) “Damask”: This shade was probably the most disappointing. In the tube it was such a gorgeous, bright pink. So vibrant. But once it hit the lips it took the exit to Meh-ville. In the swatch above, I tried to layer it up to even out the streaks and give the color a bit of a punch. It was still bland. Almost dim.

3.) “Centifolia”: This one was doubly bad because it had all the problems of the other one and it’s an ugly color. I’ve had issues before embracing tangerine like colors but this one just didn’t execute it well. In another world, for another brand, this could be a cool color. But here it was just bad. It was also the worst performing. Very, very streaky and sheer enough that my natural lip color kept showing through and throwing off the color. Bad, bad, bad.


I’m bummed. I remember seeing this line when it originally launched ages ago and wishing I’d gotten my hands on it. Now, I can’t return them fast enough. Such a disappointment. This trio was a limited release for the holidays (and it was on sale, which should have told me something) so it’s not available anymore. Perhaps that is for the best.



I thought I’d add this bit at the end here instead of making an entire post about it. Clever, I know. I have finally buckled down and created a Facebook page for the blog! Right now, my number one method of sharing my blog is through Reddit. I will absolutely continue to share my lip swatches with the community at /r/makeupaddiction. That’s what got me into blogging in the first place! The issue with posting on that subreddit is I cannot directly link to my blog. I completely get their reasons for that, and I always make sure my posts there are about swatches first and my blog second.

The Facebook page allows me to post directly about the blog in a way that gets it to people directly. It also makes it easier for you to share the page, and specific posts, with your friends. They might then share it with their friends. And so on and so forth! I’m working on finding a “like” button that I like (hehe) but in the meantime you may have noticed one at the top of the post. It’s fully functional so have at it. Or, you can click right here to give it a look and a like! Everything I post on that page will be blog related. I promise it will be top notch stuff that you won’t hate.

It would really mean a ton if you liked the page. This blog is something I do entirely for the fun of it and I really just love getting to share it and talk about lipstick with people!

Thanks y’all!

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