Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Set: A Review

My goal was to have this post up before the holidays and I made it…sort of! Hopefully it’s here in time to help you make extremely last minute gift giving choices. So last minute that it clearly looks like you just forgot and now everybody hates you. Or I can sway you to buy it for yourself!

I’d been putting off getting this set for months. Looking back on it, I’m not sure why. I already own full-sized lipsticks from the Revolution line and I love them. The set isn’t terribly expensive. The color selections are great. There were just other things I wanted more at the time. But I’m glad I decided to revisit the issue and get this set. I love it! 6 mini lipsticks and a full-sized clear liner (called “ozone”) are nicely displayed in a cute little box. What’s not to love? (Quick heads up that I won’t be swatching/reviewing the clear pencil. It’s clear and it works, so there’s not much more to it.) What really makes this set worth it is that 4 of the 6 shades are exclusive to this set. So you’re really getting something new here. My only issue is the lipsticks are incredibly tiny and I worry about breaking them when I apply from the tube. I feel like a giant.

I’ve written about the Revolution line already but I’ll reiterate a few things. The formula is perfection and the colors are beautiful and vibrant. They apply like a dream. With the red shades, I used a lip brush to line just to make sure the edges were crisp. Because the formula is creamy, it has a chance of smudging in the corners. Luckily, the set comes with that clear liner so you don’t have to worry about any bleeding. The finish provides a great shine that becomes more matte over time. Speaking of time, they last forever. I get about 6 hours without any issues. Of course, my usual diet of entire pizzas puts an end to that. So light drinking and eating will be the way to go. When they do fade, they do so beautifully. I also find them to be hydrating, which is something I almost never experience with lipsticks. I think it’s finally time to say that the Urban Decay Revolution line is one of my holy grail products. I’m putting them right up there with OCC. Love, love, love these.

Here are a few product pics, then I’ll break down the swatches:

UD Full Frontal Product 1 UD Full Frontal Product 2 UD Full Frontal Product 3


UD Revolution Ladyflower UD Revolution Crush UD Revolution Illicit

1.) Revolution Lipstick in “Ladyflower”: This color is gorgeous. It’s a rosy pink that is, somehow, unlike any shade I currently own. It’s deep and muted but still incredibly vibrant. I’m hoping they add this to the permanent line because I’ll definitely need more once the mini runs out.

2.) Revolution Lipstick in “Crush”: So, this is a great hot pink. Super vibrant. My issue with this one is that there was an interesting yellow-green-gold tint on the product that ended up being an over spray. That really pissed me off! I used this shade as the product pic above so you could see what I’m talking about. It’s still a great shade, but it’s not as unique as the initial look had me believe.

3.) Revolution Lipstick in “Illicit”: This one is my least favorite of the whole set. It’s a sheer, baby pink with a frosted shimmer. It’s not terrible, but it doesn’t wear as creamy as the rest and it doesn’t last as long. The frosted shimmer is subtle so you won’t end up looking like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed. Remember the scene when she goes back to the school and she’s wearing the feather boa? Damn, that’s a good movie. Anyways, not a big fan of this color. It’s incredibly sheer and that makes it feel out of place in the set.

UD Revolution Gash UD Revolution Liar UD Revolution FBomb

4.) Revolution Lipstick in “Gash”: Good god. This one is incredible. So damn sexy! It’s a gorgeous deep red with a subtle tonal shimmer. I’m in love. It’s right up there with OCC “Vintage” as my favorite deep red. I’m addicted. My only problem is the name. I love nasty names, don’t get me wrong. I seek out stuff with xxx names! But…gash? That only ever means a wound or a vagina. Neither of those are particularly appealing in the context of lipstick. I’ll let it slide since the color is SO PERFECT.

5.) Revolution Lipstick in “Liar”: Ah, my old friend. I bought and reviewed Liar awhile back so you can read that here! It’s one of my all time favorite lipsticks. Buy it full-sized here or here!

6.) Revolution Lipstick in “F-Bomb”: In the spirit of the name, fuuuuuuuck, this one is beautiful. It is officially my new favorite red lipstick. It’s the perfect, truest red. I put it on and feel incredible. I could take over entire corporations in this lipstick. I could conquer worlds in this lipstick. This is steal your man lipstick. Bad bitch lipstick. Buy it. Wear it. Get it full-sized here or here.




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