Tom Ford “Lips & Boys” Lipsticks: A Mini Review

I’m not ashamed to admit that Tom Ford lipsticks are out of my price range. I love lipsticks (clearly) and I’ve dropped a lot on sets and things. But $50 for one lipstick is just a bit too much for me. While I admire fancy brands and designers from afar, I rarely enter a “have to have it!” state of mind when it comes to name alone. And as far as formula goes, unless it’s a matte lipstick that lasts 12 hours and through an entire pizza, I’m not sure they’re doing anything chemically that warrants that price tag.

So, when the “Lips & Boys” line was announced for Black Friday, I was intrigued. A line of 50 mini lipsticks at $32 each? “Hmm,” I said aloud to nobody. I couldn’t find an exact number for just how mini these minis were, but I honestly didn’t care at the time. Tom Ford was finally getting into my price range and I was going to take full advantage. Budget wise, I only allowed myself 3. I pored over the lipsticks over and over, whittling a list of 10 down to 8. Then down to 6. Then to 4 and finally 3. Each lipstick in the line is named after an important man in Tom Ford’s life. I found that to be a pretty cute idea. He correctly observed that lipsticks are typically named after women and he sought to remedy that.

The 3 on my list were “Justin,” “Pavlos,” and “Xavier.” The line surprise launched on Thanksgiving and away I went clicking. Of course, “Xavier” was out by the time I got there. I ordered my other 2 and waited patiently for them to arrive.

When it finally came I tore that box open crazy fast to find…2 really, really small lipsticks. Like, really small. I knew these were minis. I wasn’t lied to or misinformed. But that $32 price was constantly evoking images of full-sized lipsticks. These are a mere 0.07oz as opposed to the full size 0.10oz. It was a bit disappointing but I powered through. These were still Tom Ford lipsticks, dammit!

TF Lips and Boys Product 1 TF Lips and Boys Product 2 TF Lips and Boys Product 4 TF Lips and Boys Product 3 TF Lips and Boys Product 5 TF Lips and Boys Product 6

A bit about packaging and formula before I get into the colors: The tube is exactly the same as the full-sized Tom Ford lipsticks, a beautiful combination of black lacquer finish and gold. It looks nice. The product twists all the way into the tube, so no threat of nicking when you pull the cap off. Because of the small size and the square shape, the cap can be a bit of a hassle to take off. Nothing horrible. And at least it makes sure it won’t slip off in your bag. The formula is pretty good. I’d say it’s on par with the NARS Audacious lipsticks. They apply perfectly, straight from the tube, and are beautifully pigmented. They lasted about 6 hours with minimal eating and drinking. Touching up was necessary after awhile but that was no problem.

Now to get into the colors…

Tom Ford Justin Tom Ford Stavros

1. “Justin”: This one is my favorite of the 2 and I really didn’t expect that to happen. The shade itself is a beautifully bright, bubblegum pink. But that’s not where this one shines. It has a gorgeous shimmer and an even better blue shift. Very similar to Urban Decay’s “Jilted” from their Revolution line (which I own but have yet to swatch). The blue shift catches the light and…wow. It takes this lipstick from a basic pink to something much cooler. I’m already aching for summer so I can wear this! White dress…winged liner…maybe a floppy hat?! Oh man, I can’t wait.

2. “Pavlos”: I was a little disappointed in this one. The product pictures on the site made this seem more brown and less red than it ended up being. It’s still a nice deep burgundy, but I feel like it’s been done. Where this one stands out is the pigmentation and application. I didn’t have any issues with patchiness or streaky color, as is common with a lot of dark lipsticks. I also didn’t feel the need to layer and layer. I got great color payoff right away. An odd issue with this one is it dried my lips out a bit. “Justin” was neither drying nor hydrating (like most lipsticks) but after a couple hours of wear it felt like this one was drying me out.


They’re good. Don’t get me wrong. I like them. But for $32, I’d rather get some full-sized Audacious lipsticks. However, I find myself wanting to try some other Tom Ford lipsticks, especially since this new line has some gorgeous and unique colors. These were gateway lipsticks and that was clearly their plan all along. Well played, Mr. Ford.

These were a Black Friday exclusive on the Tom Ford site, then they were available at certain retailers for a few days. The entire line will go “public” on December 26th, so BE READY. Check out all the shades here!

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5 thoughts on “Tom Ford “Lips & Boys” Lipsticks: A Mini Review

  1. So jealous just seeing these…I mean just look at that packaging! It’s a shame you didn’t like them that much (well for the price). They are a little too expensive and definitely out of my price range!

    Lizzie //

  2. After searching high and low, I found two tubes of Julian at my local Holt Renfrew. I bought one and then a few days later decided to go back for the other one (literally less than three days). When I asked, the sales associate looked quickly and said they were out. I said “Are you sure? It’s #42…” and she glared at me and went “Yes, I KNOW.” Welp. I turned around and left right then.

    1. That’s AWFUL! I can’t stand poor treatment like that. I’ve worked high-end retail before and I always made it a point to be super nice, no matter what. Sometimes a lipstick or a bag can mean an awful lot to somebody!! GRR!!!

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