Bite Beauty Mix n Mingle Lip Set: A Review

I recently purchased the Best Bite Remix Set from Bite Beauty and loved it. It was my first foray into the brand and, while I wasn’t totally floored, it left me wanting more. Apparently, I wanted a lot more. This was a limited edition set that came with 15 lipsticks. 15! Yes, it was $99. But I couldn’t resist. It was worth it. I had to have it. Unfortunately, because it took me so long to find the time to swatch all these out, it is no longer being sold. But I’ll make note of which shades are sold separately though. And if this post does its job you’ll know which ones are worth getting!

As usual, I’ll get into packaging and formula before breaking it down with swatches.

There is a ton of packaging. It’s a big box filled with lots of little boxes. Bite is currently selling these little Mix n Mingle lipsticks that are supposed to be given as gifts. Their intention here might have been that you give some away and keep some for yourself. But I don’t play that! I bought these for me! The tubes are small so the product surface area is small. This is mostly a problem with the matte crayons. It’s like trying to fill in your entire lips with, well, a crayon. The product recedes into the tubes so there’s little to no worry of nicking them with the cap. (You can click these pics to make them bigger)

The bulk of the set is made up of the Luminous Creme lipsticks. They have the same sweet, fruity smell as the High Pigment Pencils from the Best Bite Remix set. I complained about the smell a bit in that review, but after a zillion applications, it’s not that bad. Just more sugary than I’d like. The formula is interesting. It’s very, very creamy. To the point where it feels wet and slippery. It varies from shade to shade (I’ll get into that with the swatches) so some look better than others. When it’s good, it’s a great glossy look. When it’s bad, it looks like it’s going to drip off your mouth. I highly recommend using a pencil of some sort, either colored or a clear one. These also transfer a TON. It gets on everything everywhere and it feels like you’re using a lot of product. The overall issue with these is that, because the formula is so soft, it’s easy to use way more product than necessary. I already feel like I’ve used up more of the product than I should have. Couple that with the small surface area of the bullet and you end up wearing too much. That can be solved by using a brush or blotting. I did neither for the swatches though. On the bright side, these are crazy pigmented. The color payoff is tremendous. As far as wear time, I got about 3-4 hours out of these with very light eating and drinking.

The Matte Creme Lip Crayons are pretty fantastic. It’s hard to talk about the pigmentation since 2 of the 3 are light shades. But I can tell just from the red shade that these deliver great color. They feel great on the lips, especially for a matte product. I think that’s where the “creme” comes in. The matte finish isn’t overly chalky and looks beautiful on the lips. I mentioned above about the small surface area. It’s kind of a pain with these. They’re really more of slightly thick lip liners. It took me awhile to fill my lips in. The wear time is great at about 5-6 hours with light eating and drinking. I’d say the biggest issue with these is the smell. I was expecting the same fruity smell, but I got something else entirely. I had to google it, since I couldn’t place it. The internet tells me it’s a citrus/herbal scent? Whatever it is, it’s pretty awful. Luckily, it doesn’t last very long and the pros outweigh this con.

The glosses aren’t too great. They’re very thick and sticky. They have a slight fruity smell, similar to the Luminous Creme Lipsticks. After an hour of wear time the stickiness subsides but so does the color. I’ll most likely be giving these away.

Now, on to swatches!


Bite Scarlet Bite Poppy Bite Tangerine Bite Lingonberry

1. Luminous Creme Lipstick in “Scarlet”: This is a gorgeous, deep red. I usually prefer a more matte finish when it comes to colors like this, but it applies like a dream. It only looks the tiniest bit slippery. And, even with the softness, I had no issues with patchiness. The color was even and beautiful. Unfortunately, this one isn’t sold separately. It isn’t that unique of a color though. I know there are shade dupes out there. It’s also not what I imagine when I hear “scarlet,” but whatever.

2. Luminous Creme Lipstick in “Poppy”: I’m on the fence with this one. It’s a beautifully bright/orangey red, but the formula is iffy. It looks and feels very wet and slippery. As I mentioned above, applying with a brush should help with these issues. Since the color is so vibrant and the formula is so creamy, it really straddles the line between gorgeous red lip and insane clown. This one isn’t sold separately either. It was bundled with “Scarlet” as a duo but they’re sold out.

3. Luminous Creme Lipstick in “Tangerine”: Holy shit. This is the worst lipstick I’ve ever worn ever. It was so fluorescent I’m amazed it didn’t glow when I turned the light off. I looked psychotic. It drained all color from my face. And the room.

Bite Tangerine Face

The second I swiped it on, my brain went, “no fucking way.” But yes way. It was real. Maybe somebody out there won’t look like a DayGlo black light nightmare when they wear this? Who knows. It’s not sold on its own and thank god for that.

4. Luminous Creme Lipstick in “Lingonberry”: This is a beautiful purple tinged pink. One of my favorite colors from the set. The purple is very subtle, making the lipstick look like a bright pink…with a secret. A purple secret. This one is one of the better shades in terms of formula. It doesn’t look or feel overly creamy. Also, I googled Lingonberry and this is not at all the same color. Bite Beauty is full of lies. Oh, and it’s not sold on its own.

Bite Date Bite Fig Bite Palomino Bite Violet

5. Luminous Creme Lipstick in “Date”: This is a really nice light brown/nude shade. It leans the teensiest bit pink. It’s a great everyday color. And it doesn’t look slippery like some of the other shades. This one is not sold full size but it is sold as the mini duo (with fig)! You can get it here! For some reason, this product doesn’t have the names listed on the site, but it’s the one with “nude rose/light brown nude.”

6. Luminous Creme Lipstick in “Fig”: This is another great everyday shade. A really beautiful MLBB color. Again, it doesn’t feel overly slippery. In addition to being sold in the mini duo with “Date,” this one is also available as a full size standalone lipstick! You can get that here!

7. Luminous Creme Lipstick in “Palomino”: This color is very, very similar to “Lingonberry.” The only difference is this one doesn’t have the purple tinge. It’s just a traditional bright pink. It’s still very pretty. And it doesn’t look or feel too slippery. This one is sold as a mini duo with “Violet” (which you can get here), and as a full size standalone (which you can get here)!

8. Luminous Creme Lipstick in “Violet”: This one is super cool. A lot of the lipsticks I own are variations of the same shade, but this one is unlike anything I’ve got. I’m not 100% sure it looks good on me, but I’m determined to make it work. It’s a beautiful, vibrant purple that doesn’t run into the horrible fluorescent problems that “Tangerine” did. In addition to the duo mentioned above, it’s also available as a full size standalone. You can get it here!

Bite Riesling Bite Tannin

9. Luminous Creme Lipstick in “Riesling”: I have no idea why this is called riesling. Bite is starting to upset me with their naming system! Anyways, this is yet another hot pink. It’s more on the yellow side (where as “Palomino” is more on the blue side). It’s pretty but not terribly exciting. The formula is good here too. Not overly wet. This one is not available for purchase.

10. Luminous Creme Lipstick in “Tannin”: I’m in love with this one. It’s gorgeous. Looks and feels amazing. It is definitely up there with my favorite red lipsticks. It’s slightly more wet looking than the others but it’s not terrible. This one is sold as a full sized standalone but…here’s where it gets confusing. On the website it’s described as a “poppy red.” Which, I just mentioned their shade “Poppy” that is a part of this set. And the tube on the site looks much closer to “Poppy.” I’m sure it’s just me, and the “Tannin” on the site is this “Tannin.” They’d be stupid to get that wrong! As of this moment it is sold out, but keep checking! It’s definitely part of their permanent line. Buy it here!


Bite Matte Gavi Bite Matte Glace Bite Matte Maraschino

1. Matte Creme Lip Crayon in “Gavi”: This one is beautiful. The perfect peachy nude. I can’t get enough of this one. Definitely worth getting over the smell. This one is sold separately as a holiday mini. You can get it here!

2. Matte Creme Lip Crayon in “Glacé: Another standard MLBB shade. Dusty rose, etc. I’ve got a million lipsticks in this shade but I’ll always welcome more. You can get this one as a holiday mini (here) or as a full sized one (here).

3. Matte Creme Lip Crayon in “Maraschino”: Am I the only one who thinks of Grease when I hear “Maraschino?” Anways, this one is great. It’s pretty much the exact same color as “Poppy” but with a different finish. I’d argue this is the better finish. It’s still a little too bright, but that might just be me. It’s not sold full sized but it is available as a holiday mini. You can get that here!


Bite Gloss Honey Bite Gloss Guava

1. Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in “Honey”: This one is pretty awful. The “gold shimmer” is just glitter. Glitter that won’t go away no matter how many times you scrub. The nude color is pretty sheer and non-existent. If you’re interested, it is available as a holiday mini. You can get it here.

2. Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in “Guava”: The color of this one is pretty. Another standard MLBB shade. Unfortunately, the formula stops me from liking it. If you absolutely need to have it, or love gloss, it is available as a holiday mini. You can get it here.


Whew! So many lipsticks! All in all, I’d say it was worth the $99. I knew going in that the glosses would most likely be a bust. And I bought it during the Rouge 20% off promotion, so that took away the sting. If you’re desperate for the whole set, or the single items that aren’t sold separately, check /r/makeupexchange. You might get lucky!

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    1. Why thank you! I heard that A LOT after this post hahahaha! I still have it, so come summer time I’m going to give it another shot!

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