30 Day Lipstick Challenge: Week 1 Round Up!

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MAC “Dear Diary”
OCC “Queen”
MAC “Girl About Town”
OCC “Concubine”
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Prague”
YSL Gloss Volupte in “No49”
MAC “All Fired Up”

Now that the 30 day challenge is over I thought it would be a great idea to revisit each week and go a bit more in depth. I had only provided a quick look/review/swatch and while that’s great for Instagram and Imgur, it’s not really enough to help anyone make a purchase. So let’s get to it!

Day 1 – MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in “Dear Diary”

MAC Dear Diary IMG_0514

I’m going to come right out and say this. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? This is probably my all-time favorite lipstick. So much for stringing readers along through post after post to reveal that! My reasons why it is my favorite are pretty simple:

  1. It was free. A hand me down from my dearest and most awesome friend. (HI ANNA)
  2. It’s Limited Edition and that makes me feel baller.
  3. It’s fucking pretty.

First of all, it applies like a dream. I appreciate any lipstick that can be applied straight from the tube, and Dear Diary is that lipstick. No brush. No liner. Just a girl, her bathroom mirror, and a sexy black tube of bubblegum pink perfection. The color is a super vibrant fuschia pink that just feels so pop art. It’s like I was kissed on the mouth by a highlighter, and that highlighter had the power to make me feel attractive and confident. I love pairing it with a small pop of yellow eyeshadow (try MAC Chrome Yellow in the crease and Goldenrod in the outer V).  It’s really hard for me not to rock this shade every day in the summer.

The bad news is that since it was Limited Edition, you can’t get it anymore. I’ve heard MAC “Candy Yum Yum” is similar but I haven’t tried it. It’s supposed to be a bit cooler. When my tube runs out I will ugly cry and most likely spend $400 for one on eBay.

Day 2 – Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Matte Lip Tar in “Queen”

OCC Queen IMG_20140901_172653 IMG_0510

AKA my husband’s favorite. People tend to be incredibly divided when it comes to OCC and that has to do with the fact that it can be a chore to apply. I plan on making a video/post that explains how I make the lip tars work for me so that’ll be coming soon. But spoilers: use a doe foot. Trust me. Walk into Sephora…grab a bunch when nobody is looking…and run. Or just ask an employee. Or buy some. Whatever works! But the doe foot will be your saving grace when it comes to working with lip tars.

“Queen” was one of the first lip tars I ever bought. I just went nuts in the store grabbing every shade that looked good (pro tip: they almost all look good). This is such a gorgeous coral pink. It just POPS! A quick note about the Matte Lip Tars: I actually don’t think they’re terribly matte. Not when you compare it to something like the MAC Retro Mattes or Lime Crime Velvetines. But it is not glossy. Just has a very subtle satin finish. So don’t expect this to be super matte with absolutely no light bouncing off of it. That said, it’s still perfect. It looks so mod with a black dress and black winged liner.

If you’re too afraid to jump into lip tars (which you shouldn’t be!) then a close dupe is “Jilted” from the new Urban Decay Revolution line. It’s $4 more so ask yourself, are the lip tars so daunting that you’re willing to pay a FEAR TAX? Think about it. Buy it here or here for $18.

Day 3 – MAC “Girl About Town”

MAC Girl About Town IMG_20140903_164358 2014-10-02 19.55.29

Let me tell you something about MAC’s Amplified Creme lipsticks. They. Are. Amazing. One swipe out of the tube and you are set. I have a hard time telling the difference between the Amplified/Amplified Creme lines and the Pro Longwear Lipcremes in terms of formula. Both are wicked pigmented and easy to apply. The Pro Longwear Lipcremes have less of a shine to them. I’m assuming the real difference is wear time and that’s something I need to get to the bottom of!

The color is a medium-dark pink with cool tones. When I think “pink lipstick” this is what comes to mind. It’s just a great, true pink. I honestly don’t know what else to say about it without going on and on like a crazy person. It’s pink! It’s great! It looks perfect in the summertime! I paired it with a smidge of MAC liner in “More to Love” just to clean up the edges. I’m slowly starting to build my lip liner stash. Buy it here for $16!

Day 4 – Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Stained Gloss Lip Tar in “Concubine”

OCC Concubine IMG_20140904_142738 IMG_0509

Quick back story about this purchase. I was at Sephora and saw OCC’s “Dune Generation” collection:


I saw that and sent it to my husband, who is a HUGE fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune. It has the blue eyes kind of like the Fremen! But upon further inspection, we realized that it didn’t really have anything to do with the book. None of the names were Dune inspired (unless you count “Nomad” or “Off World” maybe?)

My husband was very sad. I, however, picked up “Concubine” and totally got over it. The Stained Gloss line offers a really subtle glossiness. Like, really subtle. For somebody like me who isn’t a fan of gloss, this was great news. If you’re looking for a high shine then you might want to layer up or wear a topcoat. The color is STUNNING. It’s a light, neutral pink that just softens the whole face. When I wear it I feel like Brigitte Bardot. That’s always a good thing. Because it’s so light I like to play up the eyes a bit more. I still keep the look soft but I bet it would look killer with really smudged and grunged out black liner. Buy it here or here for $18!

Day 5 – NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Prague”

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Prague IMG_20140905_141747 2014-10-02 19.58.10

Ah, NYX Matte Lip Creams. I love them. People go nuts over them. They’re easy to apply, they come in gorgeous colors, and they give you the velvetiest matte finish. The downside is they don’t last long. At all. After about an hour or so they vanish off of your lips. The disappearance isn’t in a bad, feathery way. The color just sort of fades away into the ether. I’ve never been the kind of person who is obsessed with long wear times. I’m perfectly okay with reapplying when I need to. I’ll duck into the bathroom or just reapply mid-conversation like a total asshat. So, the short wear time doesn’t bother me.

They’re affordable enough ($6!) that I feel like I can’t complain about the wear time. Especially since everything else about them is stellar. The color range is pretty great and they are incredibly pigmented. I almost never go for a second layer. They have a great vanilla-ish scent AND a doe foot applicator (my favorite thing in the world).

“Prague” is, for some reason, described as a matte merlot on the website. I’d say it’s closer to a soft pinky purple? Shit…is that just what merlot is?

I just googled it. It’s not. I win.

I think it’s a great color that, despite being a bit darker, comes off really understated. Not at all a “bold lip” or anything too crazy. Buy it here or at Target or Walgreens or Ulta. Quick aside: I’ve found that Target and Walgreens carry a limited shade range, so Ulta might be your best bet for buying in-store.

Day 6 – Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté in “No49 – Terriblement Fuchsia”

YSL Gloss Volupte No49 IMG_20140906_131540

I hate gloss. I hate shimmer. This is a shimmery gloss. I love it. YSL gloss succeeds here where most other shimmery glosses fail. For one, the gloss isn’t thick and sticky and awful. Yes, it’s thicker than lipstick. But it doesn’t feel like you’ve coated your lips in rubber cement. The shimmer is A SHIMMER. Not chunks of glitter. It’s a really subtle shimmer that catches and bounces light so beautifully. That perfect execution makes me love this shimmery gloss.

It’s a pretty, true fuchsia but the color is very light. It’s a very soft wash. Because the gloss isn’t sticky I feel like you can comfortably layer up to get a stronger color out of it. I like keeping it soft and wearing it more as an everyday lip. The shimmer is subtle enough that you won’t look like you went full glam at 11am, but pretty enough that it’ll feel more impactful than just a straight, shiny gloss.

The only thing I find weird about it is the doe foot applicator is bent and hollow in the middle. It looks like a bubble wand. I have no idea what the purpose of that design is. Maybe it picks up more product? Maybe it cuts down on product being absorbed and wasted in the doe foot? The design of it feels a bit stiff on the lips but it’s worth overlooking.

WTF are you?!?



You can buy it here for $32. It’s a bit up there in price but if you’re a gloss person it will absolutely be worth it.

Day 7 – MAC “All Fired Up”

MAC All Fired Up IMG_20140907_130353 2014-10-02 19.55.08

This is part of MAC’s Retro Matte line (think Ruby Woo). The retro mattes are incredibly pigmented and incredibly matte, giving you a lot of payoff with just a light application. Personally, I like applying retro mattes with a brush. Because it’s such a matte formula, the lipstick can be a bit stiff and drag on the lips. Applying with a brush takes care of that problem. It’s a little more work to apply with a brush but I think it’s worth it. You can get a pretty decent application straight out of the tube but just be conscious of the tugging. You could end up with a patchy looking lip!

The color is a very bright, red leaning pink. It’s described as a fuchsia on the MAC site but I think it reads much warmer in real life. Maybe you could say a hot fuchsia? Either way, it’s a really bold color. Since it reads so red I think it’s a perfect option for when you want to wear a red lip but you want to be a bit more fun. Personally, it’s not one of my favorite shades. I feel like it clashes with the yellow undertone of my skin, maybe? Who knows. It’s never my first choice when I want a pink lip but I’ve been known to break it out from time to time.

I mentioned earlier that I’m not terribly concerned with wear time, but the retro mattes last a really long time. Once they’re on, they on! Buy it here for $16!


WHEW! Only…3 more round ups to go! I’ll post those ASAP!

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