30 Day Lipstick Challenge: Week 3 Round Up!

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L’Oreal Collection Privee in “JLo’s Nude”
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Cannes”
Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in “N9”
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in “Liar”
Kate Moss for Rimmel in “08 Rosetto”
MAC “Twig”
MAC “Kinda Sexy”

Day 1 – L’Oreal Collection Privee in “JLo’s Nude”

L'Oreal Collection Privee Jennifer's Nude IMG_20140915_153655 Loreal JLo Product

This lipstick is from a special collection of nude shades that L’Oreal put out a few months back. They had a bunch of celebrities of various skin tones endorse a nude that worked perfectly for them; The idea being that, you’re in the market for a nude, you see Julianne Moore, and you buy that nude because your skin is similar to hers. It’s a pretty clever way of helping people find a nude lipstick that works for them. And it came in a cool little tube with the celebrity’s signature on it.

I went with Jennifer Lopez since her skin most closely matches mine (although my post-summer blanching has already begun). The color is a paler nude than I usually go for but I was looking for something out of my comfort zone. It has a slight gray undertone to it that I wasn’t expecting. It works surprisingly well! The only thing I don’t like about it is it has a very sheen to it that makes it look like a shimmer. It’s not terribly obvious, but I’m not a fan.

The formula applies nicely and has a pretty solid wear time. I’d say a few hours (without eating). It’s not a pain to reapply, although I did notice it settling into the lines a bit after a few layers. Oh, and it smells like lipstick. Hopefully some of you know what I’m talking about. It just has that old school lipstick smell. Just be aware of that going in. It took me back to my grandma’s old lipsticks that I’d play with when I was little.

Buy it here for $8!

Day 2 – NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Cannes”

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Cannes IMG_20140916_114620 NYX Cannes Product

I wore this lipstick to Target the other day and my cashier went nuts over it. “That’s the Kylie Jenner lipstick, isn’t it?!” she kept saying, over and over. It’s not, but I let her know that it’s pretty damn close. I couldn’t remember what shade it was at the time, but I knew it was one of the ones they don’t typically sell at Target, so I told her it was “Stockholm” and to head to Ulta. I went home and realized I told her the wrong color. It’s “Cannes.” I spent the entire night wondering if I should call her to let her know I was wrong. “I didn’t catch her name! Oh, it would be on the receipt! I threw the receipt away aleady!”

And so it went all night. I headed back to Target soon after and luckily caught her again before she had a chance to buy the wrong thing. I’m a hero.

I’ve already talked about the matte lip cream formula here so I’ll skip straight to color. It’s perfect. One of my all time favorite lipsticks. On the internet, shades like these are called MLBBs (my lips, but better) since they’re intended to perfectly match your natural lip tone, and then take it to the next level. This lipstick definitely takes my lips to the next level. It’s a perfectly soft pinky brown. I think everybody should own this one. Even if it reads differently on you, it’s hard to imagine this not being complimentary on every skin tone.

Buy it here for $6!

Day 3 – Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in “N9” (Copper Pink)

Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Natural N9 (Copper Pink) IMG_20140917_115133 MUFE N9 Product

That name is too damn long.

Ok, real review… I got this as part of the Sephora free birthday gift and I still have no idea what to make of it. The color is just so weird to me. Not in a bad way. It’s just a very strange color. The name, “Copper Pink,” is dead on. It’s a pink with copper tones and it’s just strange to look at in person. The copper pops and changes the entire look of the lipstick.

I don’t think it’s a color I would have picked for myself, although the formula is actually pretty great. It’s easy to apply and feels moisturizing on the lips. You get a good amount of color from one layer. Because the formula is so creamy, I feel like the wear time is lacking. An hour or two at most. Of course, reapplying isn’t difficult with this one.

I think this color would be great for somebody looking for an MLBB shade with a twist. I realize I don’t own anything from MUFE aside from what came in that birthday gift. The formula was good enough that I might need to look into getting a shade I like better.

Buy it here for $20!

Day 4 – Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in “Liar”

UD Revolution Liar IMG_20140918_141233 Urban Decay Liar Product

I got a trio of samples from Sephora right when the Revolution line launched. The first one I opened was “Liar.” I was so obsessed with it that I didn’t even bother opening the other two. I used every last bit of it, certain that I needed to get my ass to the mall and buy the full tube. Of course, it was sold out. I rang their phone off the hook, day after day, waiting for it to be restocked. That dedication paid off, and after a week of waiting, it was mine.

“Liar” looks like another MLBB shade but it reads like more of a true nude on me. It leans more brown than pink, and it’s gorgeous. The formula is super soft and creamy and I am amazed by how pigmented it is. It feels like a balm but the color is as packed as can be. The tube is metal (awesome) and this great purple-y gunmetal color (double awesome). I love carrying this one around. It’s heavy. It looks more expensive than it is. I have at least 4 other shades from this line on my wishlist. Which is conservative, considering I feel like I need them all.

My only complaint about it is a stupid one. The lipstick has a round top. I like pointed tops. I think it looks better and it’s a bit easier to line with. It’s not impossible to line with a round top, but it’s a bit annoying. But, I’m so in love with this product that I will totally deal with it.

Buy it here for $22!

Day 5 – Kate Moss for Rimmel, Lasting Finish Lipstick in 08 (Rosetto)

Rimmel - Kate Moss "Rosetto" 2014-09-19 19.18.10-1 Rimmel Kate Moss Rosetto Product

Makeupaddiction was going crazy over this line, and this color in particular, awhile back. I’m always down for getting a good lipstick I can find a Target. I usually get my groceries there, so throwing a lipstick in the cart counts as a grocery purchase and not really a makeup purchase. Right? Right.

This lipstick was definitely worth the hype. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say about it. For a drugstore brand, it’s fantastic though. Great formula, great color, good wear time. This shade is definitely more on the pink side, so if you’re looking for something more nude, I’d pass.

My only issue with this one is I find it to be a bit drying. It’s weird, since the formula is pretty creamy. It just seems to take the moisture out of my lips. A primer might be the trick to fixing that. I rarely use primers with drugstore brands but this might warrant a try.

It’s also worth buying if you’re obsessed with Kate Moss, as her little signature is on the tube. For a chick with eyes too far apart, she’s pretty gorgeous. (Kate, I’m sure you’re reading this. Hope that didn’t hurt your feelings! I think you’re great! You can make fun of my nose if you want.)

Buy it at pretty much any drugstore for $7!

Day 6 – MAC “Twig”

MAC Twig 2014-09-20 12.04.29 MAC Twig Product

I saw this lipstick on Pinterest ages ago. It was that classic Pinterest moment of seeing something and your eyes go wide and your brain says, “you need that.” The caption said “MAC lipstick in Twig and liner in Spice.” I bought both, sped home, and tore into the packaging, ready to revel in my purchase. It looked nothing like the fucking picture. Of course it didn’t! Because Pinterest.




Luckily, I loved how it looked anyways! The color is a dark mauve with brown tones that I think perfectly represents the 1990’s. The pink in it registers beautifully in person, too. I only own 4 lip liners and I try my hardest to make them match every lipstick I can. I do this because I am lazy. Spice is hard to match with other lipsticks I own (other than this one) because it’s a bit on the dark side.

As for the formula, I’m not really a fan. It’s part of MAC’s Satin line and I just don’t like it. It’s pigmented with a satin finish (get it!), but it feels…thick. It’s hard to apply straight from the tube and I feel like it sucks the moisture out of my lips. My other Satin lipsticks don’t behave this way. I tend to shy away from the whole line, no matter how great the colors are. I like other finishes/formulas (AMPLIFIED CREME!) better.

All in all, it wasn’t a terrible Pinterest fail. I’ve heard from a lot of people that this color can change a lot from person to person, so I’d say swatch it and see how you like it. It might work for you!

Buy it here for $16!

Day 7 – MAC “Kinda Sexy”

MAC Kinda Sexy 2014-09-21 10.11.59-1 MAC Kinda Sexy Product

This was the first nude lipstick that I ever bought. I tend to stick to MLBB or mauve shades, just because I could never find a nude that suited me. I always ended up looking like my lips were made of Frosted Flakes. I saw this one on Pinterest and was a little wary of checking it out (see above). Because I wanted to live dangerously, I bought it without swatching it.

"Y'all got anymore of that nude lipstick?"

“Y’all got anymore of that nude lipstick?”

It ended up being one of the best lipstick purchases I’d ever made. Everything about it is beautiful, from the matte finish to the pink leaning nude color. As corny as this sounds, I think this lipstick is much more than Kinda Sexy. It applies beautifully from the tube and has a great wear time. I will say that it isn’t as moisturizing as other lipsticks, so be mindful of that. Pair it with a good primer (I always use MAC Prep + Prime) and you’ll be good to go.

Even though I love it, it’s still not the first nude I grab. I tend to reach for OCC’s Concubine or NYX Cannes. The pink, while gorgeous, makes this feel a little less like a nude and more like gorgeous, baby pink. It’s not bad! It’s just not what I picture when I think “nude lips.”

It’s still worth picking up if you’re in the market for these types of subtle colors! Buy it here for $16!

One week (and 2 days) of round ups left! It’ll be up soon!

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