30 Day Lipstick Challenge: Week 2 Round Up!

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MAC “Ruby Woo”
Love & Beauty Lipstick in “Tomato”
MAC Viva Glam I
OCC Lip Tar in “NSFW”
Lipstick Queen “Medieval” Lip Tint
OCC Lip Tar in “Vintage”
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Monte Carlo”

Day 1 – MAC “Ruby Woo”
MAC Ruby Woo IMG_20140908_152700 IMG_0525

If you started reading my posts in chronological order you’ll have noticed that I’ve already mentioned “Ruby Woo” a ton. It’s always one of the reds, if not the red, that is used as a measuring stick for other red lipsticks (the other measuring stick being MAC’s “Russian Red”). There’s good reason why, though. It’s an all around fantastic red lipstick. Beautifully balanced, hugely pigmented, and with a velvet matte finish, Ruby Woo is the red lipstick you’ll probably want to get if you only plan on ever owning one (and you’re afraid of OCC lip tars). But don’t own just one. At the very least, own three. Or four.

As with all of MAC’s matte/retro matte lipsticks, I prime then apply with a brush. If you’re looking for a liner, MAC liner in Cherry is a pretty dead-on color match. The wear time on this is fantastic. I wore this while manning a booth at the GaymerX convention (where my husband was showcasing his game) and it lasted beautifully through all 8 hours! AND a sandwich! Make it your go to red lipstick and it won’t fail you.

Buy it here for $16!

Day 2 – Love & Beauty Lipstick in “Tomato”
F21 Love & Beauty Tomato IMG_20140909_135440 IMG_0536

I mentioned in my review of MAC’s “Strange Journey” that I’m a sucker for orange-red lisptick. I just feel like orange-red lips are punchy and fun. A red lip is always great but it’s not always terribly exciting. I think the more orange it leans, the more fun the overall look is. A quick bit of advice: brush your teeth extra good before wearing orange-y lipstick, since it tends to make teeth look more yellow (as opposed to blue reds that make them look whiter).  I love this lipstick. It makes me want to wear all black, get in a time machine, go back to 1985, and be in Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” music video.

This lipstick is from Forever 21’s Love & Beauty line. They did a little book of 5 different shades of red and this is honestly the best one in there. I guess the planets just aligned perfectly for it. I don’t bother much with the other shades in the book (the “oxblood” one was awful) but I’ll have to break them out and see what’s up again.

The formula is nice and creamy and it’s pretty pigmented. You can definitely layer it up comfortably to get more color (which is what I did). It’s the teeniest bit slippery on the lips, but it’s not bad. It’s not like it’s melting all over my mouth. Wear time isn’t awful either. I’d say you’d get an hour or two out of it, assuming you don’t eat anything. The formula is hydrating enough that you can just reapply when needed.

It says it’s sold out on the F21 website so just keep your eyes peeled in store!

Day 3 – MAC “Viva Glam I”
MAC Viva Glam I IMG_20140910_144526 IMG_0528

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this lipstick. Some days I love it and I feel glamorous when wearing it. Some days I think it’s boring and dull. I think that’s my issue with it! The color is a deep red but it just reads dull. It might be because of the matte finish. Or it could be because it’s somewhere between a red lipstick and a dark red lipstick? I feel like it doesn’t really fall into either category. It’s just not vibrant enough to be red or deep enough to be a super dark lipstick.

I will say that it lasts forever. You can get hours and hours out of this puppy with minimal reapplication. As with all MAC mattes, use a brush to apply, lest you fall victim to tugging and dragging.

Even though it’s not my favorite, I have been known to pair it with a little black dress when I want to darken my formal look. It’s a good candlelit dinner lipstick.

Buy it here for $16!

Day 4 – Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Matte Lip Tar in “NSFW”
OCC NSFW IMG_20140911_134102 2014-10-03 13.49.07

You guys. Do I even need to say it? This is the greatest red lipstick in the world. Ever. Forever. The end.

As far as colors go, it is the truest, most balanced red I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s not too blue. It’s not too orange. It’s juuuuust right. The formula, like all OCC lip tars, is perfection. Those pictures show just one layer! I mean, come on! It’s the perfect choice for the Marilyn Monroe look. And the name! You should own it just for the name!

I lightly cleaned up the edges with MAC liner in Cherry but I don’t think that’s the exact right shade for this. I’d recommend something a bit more blue.

I mentioned above that you can get by with “Ruby Woo” as your only red lipstick, but why would you want to do that? Trust me on this one. You need this.

Buy it here or here for $18!

Day 5 – Lipstick Queen “Medieval” Lip Tint
Lipstick Queen Medieval IMG_20140912_132314 2014-10-03 13.48.06

This lip tint, marketed as “the red anyone can wear,” is incredibly sheer. It’s pretty obvious that “the red anyone can wear” is a really nice way of saying “this red is non-threatening and not very bold!” Which, isn’t a bad thing! A wearable red for the day is pretty hard to come by and I think this lip tint is such a beautiful option. It adds just a hint of color that really brightens the face. In that picture up there I’m in bed with the flu! Medieval to the rescue!

The formula is incredibly slick and creamy. Because it’s so sheer, I say treat it more like a lip balm. The wear time isn’t long but it’s meant to be layered and reapplied as the day goes on. I even like to swipe it on on top of some of my more matte reds, just to add a bit of a sheen. Wear it alone and people just might wonder how you ended up with naturally red lips.

A sheer, daytime red is such a great concept and Lipstick Queen executes it flawlessly here. It’s perfect for those who are looking to take baby steps towards a red lip. You won’t have to worry about undertones or anything like that! Grab it when you need an understated and casual red lip.

Lipstick Queen is just a bit on the high-end side of lipsticks, and this baby will set you back $22. There are similar and cheaper options out there. Try Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm if you’re not up for dropping that much on a tint. Or, if brand and packaging excite you just as much as how it looks on your lips, buy it here!

Day 6 – Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Matte Lip Tar in “Vintage”
OCC Vintage IMG_20140913_155306

Hubba hubba. This lipstick is as sexy as it can get. I’ve already gone on and on about the formula and finish of the OCC lip tars, so I’ll just focus on color here. And what a color! “Vintage” is a stunningly pigmented, deep red that takes your look to another level. A sexy level. It excels here by not being dark in a goth way. This color is straight up glamorous.

That being said, it is still a burgundy lip color, so I wouldn’t reach for it if you were just wanting a classic red lip. It reads dark and will look even darker in low light situations. If you’re comfortable rocking a dark lip, this is a beautiful start. Pair it with nothing but winged liner and big lashes. Let this lipstick do all the work.

Buy it here or here for $18!

Day 7 – NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Monte Carlo”
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Monte Carlo IMG_20140914_103304 IMG_0532

Ugh. This was such a disappointment.

It’s nothing against the NYX lip creams, either! I had nothing but great things to say about them in my last round up. The problem here was with pigmentation. That swatch up there was taken with at least 3 layers. Compare that to how it looks in the tube and on the applicator. When I saw it in the store I was expecting an end product closer to “NSFW” and I ended up with a bland, sheer red. It’s about as pigmented as a colored pencil. The website describes it as a “deep, cranberry red” and I really don’t see where they got that from. Although, I did mention in my last round up that their color descriptions seems a bit off.

A part of me thinks that I may have gotten a dud. I’ve never had pigment issues with the lip creams. Whatever the issue is with this one, I say it’s bad enough that I wouldn’t make the purchase again.

IF you’re looking for a soft, almost chalky red color, then buy it here for $6!


Round ups for week 3 and 4 are on the way! Stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “30 Day Lipstick Challenge: Week 2 Round Up!

  1. I just purchased the lip tar “Vintage” I only pray it looks 1/2 as good on me as it does you! I loves me a red lip in the fall!

  2. I went out and bought the Ruby Woo lipstick per your recommendation! I love it! Question though, even with the Mac Primer, I’m still having issues of my matte lipsticks clumping up on my lips (especially after I’ve eaten). Do you have any suggestions to deal with that?

    1. How are you applying the lipstick? I recommend using a lip brush and building the color up that way. That’ll make it to where you don’t end up with too much product. Also, how long do you leave the primer on before applying the lipstick on top? You don’t want to do it right away. Let it set for a teeny bit. It should feel a bit tacky when you press your lips together!

  3. I have the same issue with Monte Carlo! I tend to use it as a base for other red lipsticks because it doesn’t have enough wham to be worn alone, sadly. And yet NYX’s other soft matte lip cream reds are fine! Amsterdam is particularly gorgeous and pigmented. So sad.

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